Alliance fielded Squadron

THIRTEEN TWELVE Allied Interceptor Regiment or the One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twelfth Interception Regiment (numbered as formed) is an Alliance aerospace Regiment serving on Terra. They go by the identification code "Spur Dark Cloud"

The force numbers sixty three Alliance Interceptors in twelve 'waves' with 78 flight crews (2 clones in each). Maintenance staff are attached to the supporting station and not counted as part of the Regiment. The 'Thirteen Twelve' flies an all green Fighter with no other markings though each crew station has a picture 'of what the individual fights for' displayed. Its mission is point defence interception though in a 'frontal role' it will be expected to perform fighter sweeps.

The Thirteen Twelve is based around a particular clone template, the candidate is of 'virtue and skill' and selected by the Alliance to supply samples which are then utilised to provide personnel and replacements. One candidate supplies one Regiment and goes on to oversee training and lead the unit; decorated aces are bestowed the greatest honour a candidate may recieve with their Regiment expanded to a Corp. In theory a Corp may be further raised to an Air Army although the order for this has never been issued for fear of 'too many individual clones'. The Thirteen Twelve is most noted for its 'messy' flying style; a compliment to the reckless and erratic appearing attack maneuvres that make shooting them down a task. Pilots from this unit prefer to work in 'flying fives' where two attack and three corral an opponent; they prefer striking from below and behind where there is usually no armament. A dozen waves of these flying fives can be fielded. They are further noted for avoiding contact if outnumbered, disengaging if outnumbered to orderly assemble into a larger attack formation with other elements; this is because they are not considered an 'extinguishable force' (expendable).


1312 Clone

1312 Clone

Staffen av Slottet is the informal name given to Clones of the unit, officially they have a personal identity code to identify individuals as well as specific nicknames. All clones hold the rank of 'Petty Officer' when they are posted; there is no opportunity for advancement beyond the three grades of the rank. Younger clones are ranked 'Aspirants' during their training. Their status within the wider society of the Alliance is 'integrated' with no concessions or specific extra provisions, though in the Military they are segregated from Volunteers (name for those serving their mandatory term in uniform).

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