Abry Military Academy is one of three primary military academies located in the Twelve Colonies. It is located in the town of Abry on Caprica, which serves as the namesake for the academy.


Abry Academy was formally the Caprican Defense Academy before the amalgamation of the armed forces of the Twelve Colonies. The original building was constructed 357 BTF and since then there have been twelve additional buildings added onto the site.

Selection ProcessEdit

Would-be cadets apply to the admission board one year before thy are due to attend. The admission board is made up of one flag officer and two Commanders all of whom are Abry graduates themselves. This task is in addition to their regular frontline duties and is considered a great honor. The board looks for people who they believe to be Abry material and must have excelled themselves both academically and morally.


The main focus of a cadet's time at Abry concentrates on developing leadership skills as well as creating the mentality expected of an officer in the Colonial Fleet. Military ethics plays a strong part in the curriculum and it has been known for the lecturers there to orchestrate events that test cadets outside of the classroom.

Sporting EventsEdit

As is typical of all such institutions physical prowess is highly regarded as is developing the competitive desire in its cadets. Therefore sporting events occupy a signficant amount of time and the competition between Abry and other Academies across the Twelve Worlds is legendary and often continues well into the graduates' careers. Artimus Bowman became the Abry Boxing champion during his time there and for years afterwards held ont his Abry Boxing Team t-shirt which he wore casually aboard the ships he served on.

The FallEdit

Being of such military importance the Academy was afforded special attention when the Cylons returned to the Colonies. It was bombed with a nuclear device thus completing the final chapter of this illustrious Academy.

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