Major Alan Knott is a characters form Robert Sharpe's Counter Attack (Stories). He served on the Battlestar Dauntless (D19). He is the Chief Operations Officer of the Dauntless. It is likely that he knew Sharpe at some point prior to Sharpe assuming command of Dauntless as most of the senior staff were hand picked by him.

Known HistoryEdit

Cylon AttacksEdit

Upon hearing of the attacks, he reported to an airbase and assisted in the evacuation of civlians and millitary personnel before coming across his ship whilst helping on the Freedom. He didn't report onboard Dauntless for some time owing to injuries sustained in an attack by Cylon forces.

Later ServiceEdit

Knott later took part in several engagments in the course of his normal duties. One of them was the attack on several Baseships orbiting the outer colonies, where had took swift action by ordering all systems to be used in manual mode


Knott was surprised by the removal of command of Commander Sharpe by Colonel Richardson, but seemingly went along with it. However, he had been quick to side with Sharpe, and helped by causing odd little breakdowns. During the foiled attack on the Regina Magna, Richardson ordered all weapons fired on the liner and the Flimsie Whimsie which Sharpe had escaped to. Knott had Petty Officer Bell call the Marines in, removed Richardson from command, secured Dauntless's weapons and surrendered the ship.

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