Alison Wallace, nee Allaway is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story).


Alison Allaway was born on Picon in Kios. She was born on Picon 24 years BTF. She is also a minor actress and model who have yet to break thought the either film/movie industry or the modeling industry. She is Arthur fifth wives.

Her father and mother both work at Picon Fleet Headquarters. Her father William Allaway was a Commander before retired from the Colonial Fleet and her mother was a secretary. When she was five years old, legend Supreme Admiral Jonas Stryker pick her up and carry her around PFH. Stryker would later introduce Alison to her future husband Arthur Wallace, about five years BTF. She is slight younger than her husband by 13 days.


Alison has long since attempt to become a actress and model however only achieve minor success. This is also the reason why she and Arthur has no children yet.


Arthur WallaceEdit

Alison relationship start with Arthur when she was 20 years shortly after Arthur 20 birthday. They meet at a partying that Stryker was having and too much ambrosia for Alison lead to her and Arthur sleeping together and they have been marriage for four years.


Alison is the right combine of brain, look and personality according to her husband. She is level head and not scare to take risked. She however does have a hot temper with cause conflict between her and Arthur.


Images are of a friend of Allen Knott. Please do not use them unless you have his permission.

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