Alyssa Wenutu is a character in Wes Imlay's 'Battlestar Victorious' series.

Personal LifeEdit

Alyssa Wenutu was born thirty-eight years BTF and grew up in Canceron, in the city of Romanus. When she was a teenager she met a cadet from the Abry Military Academy campus in Tryavna named Scott Tolan. The two had an instant attraction to each other and began dating not long after they met.

The two would stay a couple through Tolan's time at the Fleet Academy until he was serving his last tour on the Galactica, a period lasting about nine years. The two had plans to marry, but the stresses of their respective careers proved to be too much and the two ended their relationship on amicable terms.

Alyssa attended the University of Romanus and would earn a degree in Public Relations. She would take a job with the Aquila Publishing Company, eventually moving to the metropolitan city of Iopolis.

Alyssa would eventually marry George Aram, an executive with Aquila Publishing, though she would keep her maiden name. They would have two children; a boy they named George after his father and a girl they named Lucine.

Despite moving on to other people, Alyssa would remain close friends with Scott Tolan.

The Fall of the ColoniesEdit

It is not yet known of Alyssa Wenutu or any of her family survived the Cylon attacks, though she more than likely perished in the nuclear holocaust on Canceron.

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