Anastasia "Dee" Dualla who was a human female serving the Colonial Fleet onboard the Battlestar Odyssey, as Chief Communications Officer under the Command of Captain James Mitchell. (Battlestar Odyssey)


Early LifeEdit

Dualla's father thought that her enlistment in the Colonial Fleet Reserve was crazy, and he viewed the military as a joke. She signed up anyway because she "wanted to believe in something." This rift with her father would continue throughout her service and the last time they spoke they got in a heated argument; three weeks later the Cylons attacked, and Dualla never got a chance to reconcile with him. His rejection of her career choice stems from traditional Sagittaron beliefs in pacifism, which Dualla does not share.

Colonial CareerEdit

Colonial Fleet AcademyEdit

Battlestar ValkyrieEdit

Battlestar OdysseyEdit

Personal FileEdit


Colonial Service RecordEdit

Interviewing Kandyse McClureEdit

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