Andromeda Athena Aphroditos
Andromeda Aphroditos 001
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Barbie (Callsign)
  • Pink 01 (playful nickname/callsign)
  • Rommy (Nickname)
Birthplace: New Caprica City, New Caprica Colony
Homeworld: New Caprica Colony, Mars
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 10, 2021
Height: 5 ft., 9 in.
Weight: 119 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown (with Pink highlights)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Posting: Phoenix-840602-001
Position: Command Viper Pilot (Blue Squadron)

Commander (Pink Auto-Squad) (honorary/emergency)

Mother: Victoria Aphroditos
Father: Aristotle Aphroditos
Brother(s): Alexander Aphroditos (oldest)
Sister(s): Winter Aphroditos (youngest)
Spouse(s): none (Single)
Children: n/a (as of current)
Personal Weapons Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: 2 2 way Particle Lazer rifles
Chronological & Political Information
Affiliations: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Allies: Imperial Colonial Fleet

Rommy 2 (similarly nicknamed Cylon Jump Core)

Enemies: 3rd Cylon Fleet

Eastern Alliance

"I cant help it if people stare in my general direction, I do have a attractive face after all."
"Rommy you wear a bra for a top and most of the time no pants your face is not what their first starin' at!"

-Cash (Cylon pilot)'s reaction to Andromeda's opinion on her appearance

Andromeda "Barbie" Aphroditos is a former Media Socialite, Pop Star, part time Glamor Model, and current member of elite Viper Blue Squadron aboard the IWS Phoenix as an integral part to the exploratory Colonial Heritage Project a multi year long scientific exploratory mission within the Cyrnus Galaxy. Andromeda is also a family member of the elite and powerful Aphroditos Family whose industrial/military and technology business' are essentially vital to the military survival of the Imperial Fleet led by her parents Victoria and Aristotle. Literally all of the Aphroditos children hold important military positions within the Fleet.

Andromeda is also infamous for her public acts of blatant sexuality. Most notorious is her habit of publicly wearing any form of top or upper clothing yet wears literally nothing below the waist (including underwear). While this "fashion style" is popular and common among the Underground Culture of younger adolescent colonial society its still considered fairly unsettling within the mainstream.

Biography Edit

Infancy Edit

Andromeda Athena Selene Aphrotitos was born on February 10, 2021 in New Caprica City on New Caprica Colony, Mars to Victoria and Billionaire Industrialist father Aristotle Aphroditos. "Rommy" as she was called by her parents (and later friends and crewmates) was born into one of the most Politically and Socially powerful families within the entirety of the 13 Colonies. Born the middle child of 3 siblings Andromeda while treated as one of the elite "princesses" of Colonial society became simply the standard suffering "middle child" by standard terms. While Andromeda's parents groomed her older brother Alexander to be the ultimate legacy of the Aphroditos family, corporation, and of Imperial Colonial military in general giving very little time to (at the time) their youngest child.

After the birth of next child Andromeda's youngest prodigy sister Winter Andromeda was nearly what would be considered by some abandoned.

Childhood and Adolescence Edit

By the age 10 Andromeda was almost exclusively cared for by a long line of servants, nannys and governesses (both Cylon and Human).

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