This article refers to the ‘Angel’ Zoe Graystone as she appears in the Battlestar Hermes series. This Angel appears to the Cylon Number Six, Natalie Faust, and Lieutenant Nester Adrastos.

Natalie FaustEdit

The Angel Zoe first started appearing to Natalie Faust following her download from having died aboard the Colonial Heavy Liner Alexis. At first Natalie thought that the apparitions of Zoe were the result of a malfunction that occurred during the download but gradually she began to accept Zoe as part of her life. Angel Zoe has helped Natalie in her dealings with the Number Ones who are bitterly opposed to her The Monotheist Camp on Virgon.

Nester AdrastosEdit

Nester first sees Angel Zoe listening to a musician within the Monotheist Camp. She later appears to him when he is part of a logging party that is ambushed by Cavil’s supporters masquerading as insurgents. Angel Zoe then transports him to a recreation of his childhood home in an effort to rest his mind in preparation for what is to come. During their conversation Angel Zoe admits to Nester that she has been watching him all his life in order to prepare him for the mission that is ahead of him.

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