Dr Angela Levinstein

Angela Levinstein was a Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) doctor and was assigned to Division 731 during the First Cylon War.

Early LifeEdit

Angela grew up on Libran and graduated as a doctor just as the Cylon Uprising began. As a junior doctor at Libran City Hospital she witnessed first hand what the Cylons were capable of. One of her first patients was a small child who had been lacerated by a knife-wielding Cylon who was once the family dog-walker.

A Skilled PhysicianEdit

Her skillas as a doctor lead her to at first being recruited by the military and then the Ministry of Intelligence who assigned her to the medical research branch. Here she excelled herself gaining the support of numerous high ranking officers in the MoI who then recommended her for the newly created Division 731.

Division 731Edit


As a young doctor Angela Levinstein witnessed first hand what the Cylons were capable of

Levinstein was appointed as head of Division 731's Biological Research Department at Phoran. By this time she had become hardened to the suffering of strangers thanks to the heavy influx of patients she had treated as a result of the Cylons. When she learned that she would be experimenting on deserters, murderers and rapists she showed very little remorse for what she was doing believing that it was for the greater good. When political prisoners were added to the list of those who received her attention she did not protest and continued with her work.

Under her guidance Division 731 conducted experiments to develop anti-radiation medications to delay the effects of radiation poisoning. Her experiments involved bombarding test subjects with lethal doses of radiation and then seeing the effects her treatments would have. This would prove to be her most successful field of endeavour and she would gain recognition as the doctor who created the Anti-Radiation Meds widely used by fleet personnel however how she developed such treatments remained a closely guarded secret right up to the fall of the Twelve Colonies.

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