The Apache Class Fleet Tug is a support ship in the Colonial Fleet before Operation Homecoming. It will appeared in Battlestar Leonidas Volume Six: Aftermath and be mention in Volume Five: Operation Homecoming.
Apache Class Fleet Tug

Apache Class Fleet Tug


The Apache Class Fleet Tug is the workhorse of the Auxiliary Support Fleet.

The Apache is operated by the Colonial Navy Auxiliary Fleet.

Unlike a normal Tug, which operate only around one port. The Apache Class Fleet Tug is jump capable and design to jump into a combat zone and recovered damage or destroyed battlestar and smaller warship for repaired. They was original design to replaced all current tug being used by the Colonial Navy Auxiliary Fleet.

The ship by themself can hand escort size vessel. However for larger version they required to work together either in group of 2 (Secondary warship) or group of 4 (primary warship). They was one of the ship hard hit by the downsize of the Fleet as able so no need for the craft because of the lack of proability that they would ever be needed in a time of war.

They was original four hundred of the craft plans however because of Adar downsizing the Fleet the last one hundred of them has being cancel. Of the three hundred built only sixty remained in service at the time of Operation Homecoming. The sixty remaining in service, was divide into fifteen groups four and assigned to a colonies. Each colonies got one group, expect for Leonis, Scorpia, and Picon which got two groups. When they Cylon attack happen the ship was target by the raider to prevent them for doing their job to recovered damage or destroyed battlestar/warship. The twenty - four at Leonis, Scorpia, and Picon was destroyed. The fate of the other thirty - six is unknown.

However two hundred and forty of the craft found they way to Camelot and would service to help Admiral Arthur Wallace recovered large number of warship. They would continune to service till the end of the Second Cylon War.


Image is created by CanisD.

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