Aquaria, also known as Aquarion, and Aquarius (Ancient Name) is a planet and one of the Tweleve Colonies of Kobol.

Aquaria (Aquarion)

Aquaria Flag

Aquaria (D8)



Aquaria is located in Helios Zeta System.


During the Cylon War, their was fewer land battle of Aquaria because one it have less land but also because of Stryker ability to keep the Cylon from landing ground forces.

Aquaria's Captial was original the City of Aquarius. After Aquarius was nukes it was decision by the people of Aquaria not to rebuilt it; instead of capital was move to New Aquarius.

It have a total populations is 5.2 billion when the Cylon attack.

Historcally Aquaria is thought of being one of the lesser colonies, along with Aerilon, Gemenon, and Sagittaron.


Aquaria's largest land mass is the Kyros. The only other major land mass, is the contineant Krona. Much of else of Aquaria's land mass is medium to small island. Aquaria is nearly 75 percent waters. With nearly 17,508 island.


The largest land mass on Aquaria, Kyros. Kyros, also have the main mountain range on Aquaria, the Appalachia Mountain. Hyperion Bay, Hastings and Salem all sets on the western side of the continent.


The second land mass on Aquaria, Krona. It was first place to be settle by the Twelve Tribe, the Aquarius.


Aquaria have many islands include:

Marco IslandEdit

Kwajalein IslandEdit

Namu IslandEdit

Parris IslandEdit


Hyperion BayEdit

Hypeiron Bay is a major city on Aquaria, second in size after only New Aquarius. Hyperion Bay als have the Jonas I. Stryker Museum. It is located on the western side of Kyros.


Hastings have Jonas Stryker's tomb. It is about one miles south of Hyperion Bay. It is located on the western side of Kyros.


Salem is the home of Admiral Arthur Wallace and his family. It is located north of Hyperion Bay. It is primary know for it many lakes. The main lake, Salem Lake is where Arthur houses sit. Salem is a medium size city smaller than Hyperion Bay but larger than other places on Aquaria. It is located on the western side of Kyros.


Aquarius, located on the western side of the continent of Krona and beside the Sea of Mesogeios. Aquarius used to be the captial of Aquaria before it was nukes by the Cylon during the Cylon War. Afterward it was decision not to rebuilt the city and move the capital to New Aquarius.

New AquariusEdit

New Aquarius, is the currently capital of Aquaria, after the destruction of Aquarius during the Cylon War. It is located on the eastern side of Krona.


Heim is a another major city, third in size, it is located on the eastern side of Kyros. Heim is one of only two major city on that side of the continent, with all of the other settlement being small town.


Theia is south from Heim and is the only other major city on the eastern side of Kyros.

Other CitiesEdit

Gasha: Located north of Heim.

Marshall Creek: Marshall Creek sit on Marshall Island.

Brighton: Located on the island Namu.

Embree: Located on the island Kwajalein.

Andros: Located half way between Aquarius and New Aquarius on Krona.

Banner Elk: a small mountain town in the Appalachia Mountain. Located on Kyros.

Fort Hawkins: Located on Marco Island.

Notable AquariansEdit

Arthur Wallace

Jonas Stryker

Darrell Robinson

David Robinson

Margaret Edmondson

Jennifer Edmondson


Image is base on Bestine IV

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