Athena Anders, born Athena Adama is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story).


Athena Adama is the daughter of Samuel Adama and Larry Adama (nee Chapple) using a surrogacy name Lia. Athena is also the sister (not biological) of Skyler Adama and the biological sister of Zac Adama. She service as a shuttle pilot, communications officer, tactical officer, and for a short time a Viper pilot aboard the Galactica. After the war she marry Adam Jolly Anders, who she meet during her time on Galactica. Together they has four sons include Tim Jolly Anders, who is also assign to the Galactica.


Kyle Anders

Nilz Anders

Timothy Anders

Robus Anders


Athena Anders is base on Athena (TOS)

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