Athena Class Light Battlestar is a expertimental battlestar construction in secret by Admiral Arthur Wallace's faction.


Athena Class Battlestar

Battlestar Athena, during it shake down cruise.

The smaller battlestar ever construction, at only 512 meters. It small size, it design for several reasons include it primary purpose to serviced as the test bed for the plasma base shield and weapons under development at Camelot. It also equipped with a new FTL drive and a reactor.

Everything on the Athena is tight. It does carries 80 Vipers and 20 Raptors but the came as a cost, The Athena has horrible endurance forcing it either 1: to stay close to a base/planet or 2: greatly depend on support ship for re-supply. With reduce room on the Athena everything is reduce include crew quarters, head, wardroom, sickbay, etc.

After the Athena's shakedown cruise, the Athena went in for minor refit, which added 4 Raptors landind pads, and because of this it required an enlarged arms structure. This was done to make more room for the Vipers. Now all Raptors will be house in Raptor bay instead of the normal hanger bay, which now will house only the Vipers, and been reclassify as Viper bay.

All future Athena, will be construction like this.
Athena Class Battlestar (B)

Battlestar Athena, after it shakedown crusie

List of AthenaEdit

Athena - Class prototype


Andromeda - Under Construction

Defiant - Under Construction

Excelsior - Plan

Galaxy - Plan

Miranda - Plan

Nebula - Plan

New Orleans - Plan

Norway - Plan

Saber - Plan

Steamrunner - Plan

Athena Internal

Battlestar Athena Internal

Note: According to Rear Admiral Kingman a second block of Athena may be construction depended on how Operation Downfall goes, currently their are unnamed.


Image is created by CanisD and base on Matthias Zarzacki's Athena Class Battlestar.

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