The Atlantis Subclass Battlestar also known as the Atlantis Class are Block II Mercury Class Battlestar.
Atlantis Subclass Battlestar

Battlestar Atlantis


While looking almost like the Block I Mercury which a primary example is the Battlestar Pegasus; the Block II carry eight more railguns located on it top side. It also was the first Battlestar to carry shuttle and dropship at part of it air wings. However it air wings is the same size of the Block I, 200 Viper and 50 Raptor.

List of AtlantisEdit

There was twelve Atlantis built however by the time of the Operation Downfall, they had been retire because while their was slight more better arms than the Block I, they also would had cost more to refitted them. So the decision was make to keep the Block I which had the same size of air wings.



Image is a modifited of CanisD's Battlestar Atlantia, Mercury Class Battlestar. The modifited was done by Allen Knott.

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