Attack on Aquaria, also known as the First Battle of Aquaria (Cylon War) occurs on the day that Cylon revolt and result in an Aquaria Victory. After the death of Commander Alan Wallace, Colonel Jonas Ingram Stryker assumed command and rally the Aquaria Navy to counterattack the attacking Cylon and repel the attack Cylon Space forces which result in the Aquaria Army, Aquaria Air Force being able to thwart and destroyed the bulk of the Cylon invasion force.

Cylon's GoalsEdit

1: Capture of Aquarius City; the Capital and main City of Aquaria.

2: Destroyed Aquarius Center Command

3: Destroyed the remain Aquaria Military

4: Capture the worlds of Aquaria.

Of the goals only the destruction of Aquarius Center Command was archive.


Aftermath Edit

The Aftermath of the Battle result in the destruction of Aquarius Center Command and the lost of the bulk of the Aquaria Military leadership and Colonel Jonas Ingram Stryker being promoted to Admiral and being place in command of the Aquaria Military. Aquaria because they repel the space attack and destroyed the bulk of the invasion forces result in Aquaria stuff less than any other colony during the Cylon War. Also it allow the Aquaria Military to launch offense operation early than the rest of the colony was able too. Aquaria over the next week was help it allies Aerilon launch a counter-offensive that push the Cylon back on Aerilon. In the months to comes, Admiral Stryker would created the Colonial Military, a combined military force of all twelve worlds. So the Attack on Aquaria has became a turning point in the history of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

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