AULUS is a "state of the art" massive passenger liner constructed by INTERSUN LINERS. At the time of the Cylon holocaust AULUS was returning from a "shake down" cruise. She was one of four ships to escape with TERTIUS. Six hundred of her two thousand passengers were children.

The newly created civilian fleet government resides within AULUS.


Intersun Liner 9000x




Office of the Civilian GovermentEdit

Colonial Marshall ServiceEdit

Military OfficesEdit



Cmdr (Ret.) John “Shaker” Roberts – 61 years old.

  • Viper pilot assigned to battlestar COLUMBIA during the first Cylon war.
  • Widowed (Leanne) with two children and one grandchild.
  • Amy Lorene is 28, and has a 6-year-old daughter named Beth.
  • Youngest child was Ensign Michael “Cracker” Roberts, a 21 yr old viper pilot assigned to Battlestar PACIFICA

Amy Lorene – 28 years old.

  • One daughter (Beth)
  • Before birth of daughter, was a schoolteacher.
  • Assumes husband perished during cylon attacks
  • Visiting TRINITY at the time of attacks.
  • Recently moved to AULUS to begin teaching again.

Beth Lorene – 6 years old.

  • Daughter of Amy, granddaughter to Cmdr John Roberts

Paul Davenport – 46 years old.

  • Former Delphi City Councilor

Emily Crimmons – 51 years old.

  • Former Picon City Councilor

Joseph Redman – 50 years old.

  • Family owned numerous commercial ale breweries.

Lt. Amanda Walker – Administrator

Captain Kester “Bug” Rhodes (Retired) – Director of Maintenance

  • 57 years old
  • Close family friend of Admiral Jensen (Rhodes’ father was first officer of a previous Jensen command.)
  • Returned to active service when OpPlan Five was activated.

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