Avalon is the fourth planet in the Calamari System. Orbiting Avalon is Camelot , Admiral Arthur Wallace 's secret base before and during the Second Cylon War.


Avalon from space


Avalon have three moons in it orbit plus Camelot.

Avalon have large landmass on it. Gondwana is a supercontinents. Because of Gondwana all of Avalon's seas are freash water and it only have one ocean.

After Operation Homecoming, Arthur starts to settle the survived on Avalon with it captial become Stryker City. Other settlement include New Hope City.

Avalon is riches in mineral, each one of its moons have one of the followed, tylium, titanium, and a new mineral name Trinium. The only other plaent that Trinium is know to exist is Reach.

Also because of a bunch of good farmland; Avalon can growth greater amount of food.


Avalon was discovered by Arthur Wallace during a missed jump by the Raptor he was on.

Note and More ImagesEdit

All images are taking from the Mountain of North Carolina, Allen Knott's home state.

Avalon Image is base on Bothawui

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