The Banshee Class Stealthstar is a stealth ship operate bu the Colonial Fleet.


The desire to gain intell on Cylon intentions lead to the development of a dedicated stealth warship designed to penetrate Cylon space and gather information through a series of passive sensor systems. Great efforts were taken to reduce the ship's DRADIS signature, including hatches over the flight deck enterances, retractable weapons, and baffles on the engine exhausts. Weapons were limited and standard procedure would be to run if detected. The Banshee entered service several years before the final Cylon attack, but the failure of the Operation Outlooks fears of provoking the Cylons meant that the ship was never used for her intended purpose and lead to the creating of the Raven Class Stealth Battlestar which had better stealth skins and armor. The Banshee is presumed destroyed in the destruction of the main fleet anchorage over Picon. As she was one of the first ship traget by the Cylon. The Banshee was used to test the new stealth skins and armor that went onto the Raven Class and becase knwon as the Banshee Class Stealthstar Refit.

List of Known BansheeEdit

Banshee (Destroyed - Picon)
Banshee Class Stealthstar

Banshee Class Stealthstar

Banshee Class Steathstar (Refit)

Banshee Class Stealthstar with improve Stealth skins


History and both images is created by Dave Briedis (CanisD). History is modifited by Allen Knott for Battlestar Leonidas.

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