Barnstormers are little, light 'atmo-to-space and home again' shuttles that were first designed as life boats and escape pods but have since morphed into spaceplanes in their own right. They are typically privately owned and are used extensively on the poorer Colonies and Outposts as small utilities and training spacecraft. They are relatively simple to buy, run, repair and fly so have become very popular on worlds like Saggitaron, Canceron and Gemenon.

They have a large cockpit then connected to a cosy cabin accessed by a sidedoor; this space can be configured as necessary, sitting eight easily or a small cargo payload. It can also be configured into a small living space to serve as a modest STL spacehome. Swing wing and shark finned, they have a distinctive silhouette but are most appreciated for their versatility and ease of use. They will go and go on just the promise of tyllium and 'hit and rub' repairs.

Portobelo has seven Barnstormers; two are currently down though and waiting for replacement parts. They are employed as Taxi's and light cargo runners by the community, distributing supplies to outlying homesteads and posts or going up to meet a larger visiting ship and ferry down any passengers.

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