Battlestar Aegir's Series, are stories set in an alternate universe, Dimension Eight of the Battlestar Galactica Multiverse. The stories are writing by Allen Knott, and include characters from Battlestar Hermes by The Wilky Bar Kid, and Battlestar Victorious by Wes Imlay.


The Battlestar Aegir’s Universe/Dimension Eight have several changing in it backstory compared to the canon backstory of the new Battlestar Galactica series-TNS, and it include event taking from the original Battlestar Galactica series-TOS.

Aegir vs. CanonEdit

Battlestar Aegir is writing as an alternate universe or A.U. and because of that the Author, Allen Knott, rejected aspect of canon and supporting material. For example the Official Map of the Twelve Colonies will be modified to fix into the Aegir's Universe. However the Science of Battlestar Galactica label the Galactica as a Jupiter-class Battlestar has been rejected.

Allen Knott's reject all events/plotline from Season Three, and Four. However while some event, i.e. Battle of New Caprica, and Battle of the Cylon Colony, will still happen they will happen difference than did in the series.

Allen Knott also reject event from the episode Pegasus, up to the end of Season Two. Again this event will still occur in Aegir, however they will occur different. However event from the Miniseries, Season One, and Season Two, till the episode Pegasus are canon unless otherwise stated.

The series, Blood and Chrome, is only qausi-canon in Battlestar Aegir.

Caprica, the TV Series, is also accept as canon unless otherwise stated.

The Tribes of KobolEdit

Tribe Number: Ancient Name – Modern Name: Patron God:

First: Capricorn – Caprica: Zeus

Second: Cancer – Canceron: Hera

Third: Gemini – Gemenon: Artemis

Fourth: Sagittarius – Sagittaron: Apollo

Fifth: Pisces – Picon: Athena

Sixth: Taurus – Tauron: Ares

Seventh: Leo – Leonis: Hephaestus

Eight: Libra – Libran: Aphrodite

Ninth: Scorpio – Scorpia: Hermes

Tenth: Virgo – Virgon: Dionysus

Eleventh: Aries – Aerilon: Demeter

Twelve: Aquarius – Aquaria: Poseidon

Thirteen: None – Earth: Hestia

Fourteen: None – Eastern Terra: Hestia

Fifteen: None – Western Terra: Hestia

Sixteen: None – Ogygia: Athena

Seventeen: None – Scheria: Athena

Eighteen: None – None: Poseidon – the Traveler

Note: 'Tribes fourteen through eighteen are groups that broke off from other Tribes. The numbers are just there, to help separated them out.



B.O.H. is Before Operation Homecoming

A.O.H. is After Operation Homecoming

List of EpisodesEdit

Season One:Edit

Episode One: Edit



Admiral Arthur Wallace - Protagonist


Cyrus - C5-08765C, leader of the Cylon Fundamentalist

John Cavil - Lead Number One, Antagonist