Andraste Class Battlestar

Battlestar Andraste

The Battlestar Andraste appears in the Monbade's story call Death of the Andraste. It is the only Andraste Class Battlestar.


Designed as a fleet command ship, the Andraste was a one of a kind warship. One was all the Council of Twelve was willing to pay for. The FTL system alone cost as much as a small Battlestar, and the advanced communications systems only added to the incredible cost. Her firepower and carrying capacity was unrivaled, with a half-dozen landing bays for several hundred Vipers, three hundred being the planned operational capacity, with ample room for additional squadrons in emergencies as well as extensive manufacturing facilities for both Vipers and Raptors. At the time of the Cylon surprise attack, Andraste was nearing the end of an extended patrol along the Armistice Line.


The images is taking from Wolf Shipyard and was created by CanisD.

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