Battlestar Andromeda (Mercury Class)
Class/Type: Mercury
Registry Designation: CEG-1
Crew Manifest
Commanding Officer (Captain): John Conners
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

The Andromeda was a Mercury Class Battlestar and the second Battlestar originally assigned to the 1st Colonial Expeditionary Group (1st CEG) under the overall command of Brigadier General John Connors. As a Quetzalcoatl class Battlestar,

she was intended to support larger Battlestars. She lacked the larger ships Viper production capacity, and heavy firepower but cost considerably less to build and man. Under the command of Commander Fletcher, she worked alongside the Battlestar Eternal. During her first engagement with Cylon forces,

Ships HistoryEdit

Andromeda lost her entire Viper contingent when they were all hacked using the “backdoor”, basically shutting them down and making them easy targets. When the Cylon force launched nuclear tipped missiles and the Eternal.

Andromeda was able to destroy the incoming warheads. Shortly thereafter, her systems were in turn shut down by the Cylons, leaving her dead in space. A second volley of nuclear weapons tore her apart as the Eternal made an emergency jump away.

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