Battlestar Archeron
Archeron Closeup
Affiliation: Colonial Military
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Length: 4720 feet (1438.64m)
Beam: 1762 feet (536.84m)
Draft: 602 feet (183.32m)
Commissioned: First Cylon War (Blood&Chrome)
Current Status: Destroyed First Cylon War (Blood&Chrome)
Construction Yard: Twelves Colonies of kobol
Crew Manifest
Drive Systems
Main Power/Fuel Systems: 1 Tylium Fission core
Main FTL Engines: 1 HyperJump FTL Core
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

Battlestar Archeron was a Block 1 Galactica Type Battlestar that was in service in the colonial fleet during the 1st CW. 


Battlestar Archeron was a Block 1 Galactica Type Battlestar.

The Battlestar Archeron was built duting the First Cylon War but its construction was stopped becaused it was needed to the front so the additional armor plates were never added and the Archeron could be classified as a Heavy cruiser and not as a Battlestar.

The Archeron was destroyed by Cylon forces during the Battle of Sector 12.

Ten years into the war, Ensign William Adama and ECO Coker Fasjovik are secretly ordered to transport Graystone Industries scientist Doctor Beka Kelly to the Archeron aboard the Raptor Wild Weasel. Traveling to Sector 12 near Cylon-controlled space, Adama, Fasjovik and Kelly are shocked to find Archeron destroyed in an apparent Cylon attack. Following the discovery of Archeron's remains, Wild Weasel is pursued by Cylon forces through the extensive debris field. Wanting to get in from open space, Adama leads the attacking raiders into the remains of a flight pod, and then into the remains of the ships's still active FTL drive. The last raider is destroyed after flying into one of the drive's pistons (Blood and Chrome).

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