Ares Class Battlestar - Battlestar Prometheus
Class/Type: Ares class Battlestar
Affiliation: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2,271 (1,961 Human, 310 Cylon
Commanding Officer (Captain): Ryan
Drive Systems
Maximum HyperJump Range: 50 Stellar Units (SU)
Offensive Systems
Upgraded (Mounted) Weapons Systems: Ares Air Wing specialized flight decks
Defensive Systems

The original Battlestar Ares is the oldest ship in the colonial remnant fleet. Triton class Battlestars were designed to be used as fleet command and control ships while also serving as a one stop assault vehicle, capable of taking on one or two other capital class ships, or assaulting a major ground target, by itself.

They are controlled mainly manually yet do have a networked computer system. The Ares was just coming to the end of a year long patrol when the Cylons aboard learnt of the impending Cylon war. Realising that the war would be devastating and that neither side was likely to win and after consulting with the ships commander they decide to collect the families of the crew and leave colonial space

Eventually the human crew was wiped out by an illness contracted during a supply gathering operation. Long after the Ares was found by the Battlestar Prometheus only to be separated from it during a battle with the Terran alliance. After this its new human commander, the then Colonel Ryan, ordered the ship to return to the colonies were it was reunited with the Prometheus and other survivors of the Cylon holocaust.

Unlike newer ships the Triton class is completely depended on support in regards to fighter replacement and production. They do however have the facilities needed to repair ships. They also have advanced food and water reclamation and food growth facilities making it able to be self sufficient for seven years before having to change out its supply.

Key AreasEdit

  • C.I.C. ( Combat Information Center): Control Bridge of the ship. All ships functions are dictated from this area.
  • Aft Damage Control: controls shipboard bulkheads, vents, and other life-sustaining aspects on Ares.
  • Ships Hospital: The Ares has a hospital that is capable of doing anything a normal state of the art hospital (at the time of the Cylon war) could do
  • Marine Compliment: The Ares carries 300 Cylon Model 003 Centurions and a number of colonial marines. The marines also utilised Landram ground assault vehicles.
  • Consumables- enough food, water and toiletrie supplies for 7 years

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