Battlestar Asterica (Armored)

Battlestar Asterica with her full appliqué armor package during the First Cylon War.

Battlestar Asterica

Battlestar Asterica post-war in her down-armored patrol configuration.

Battlestar Asterica (Decommissioned)

Battlestar Asterica post-decommissioning as part of the mothball fleet.

The Battlestar Asterica was the third hull of the Series Two Columbia Class (Referred to in many sources as the Jupiter sub-Class Battlestars) which began entering service near the end of the war to replace combat losses. Asterica was sponsored by Tauron.

Much like the Series One Columbia Class Battlestar, Series Two Jupiter sub-Class Battlestars embarked a maximum wartime load of 160 Vipers divided into 8 squadrons of 20 each, but typically operated during peacetime with a more modest load of 80 Vipers divided into 4 squadrons of 20 each. In addition to her airwing, they possessed an extensive battery of 24 Dual-Barrel Heavy Kinetic Energy Cannons for engagement of capital ships and orbital bombardment and a formidable secondary array of 412 Dual-Barrel Close-In-Weapon Batteries for anti-aerospace craft defense. For additional striking power, the Jupiter sub-Class had a complement of 16 variable-yield nuclear missiles in silos along the dorsal section of the hull, an increase over the 12 carried by Series One Columbia Class vessels.

The primary difference of Series Two vessels over Series One was the rearrangement of certain interior spaces, especially the placement of munitions storage in relation to aircraft and the ship's batteries. Additionally, several important improvements were made in the area of armor coverage and damage control to try and ameliorate deficiencies noted in combat with the Series One.

Following the ratification of the Cimtar Peace Accords, Asterica continued to serve in the fleet for an additional 25 years. As additional Trident Class Battlestars began entering service, the decision was made to retire the Asterica as a cost cutting measure.

Following her decommissioning, Asterica was stripped of her armaments and relegated to the Colonial Fleet Reclamation and Reserve Maintenance Depot in orbit of Sagittaron colony.

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