Atlantia Class (Refit)

Battlestar Atlantia

Battlestar Atlantia is the Colonial Fleet flagship during the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. It is from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious (Series). It is a Atlantia Class Battlestar that had been refitted to carry double flight pods instead of it original single flight pods.

Volume One: Those Left BehindEdit

The Atlantia is destroy over Virgon along with the rest of it task force by the Cylon, when the Cylon used the CNP to shut it down, and those killing Admiral Nagala. Later Rear Admiral Scott Tolan orders it to be slavage and repair and place under the command of Commander/Rear Admiral Tyrone Carter.

Volume Three: Honor and DutyEdit

However when sent to found the Battlestar Kios at Armistice Station it was destroyed again and for the final time.


The Battlestar Atlantia was design by CanisD and is taking from his account on photobucket.

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