The Battlstar Busby is mentioned in the story of Counter Attack by Robert Sharpe. It is mentioned several times during the events.


Not much is known about the Busby except for what is mentioned in Counter Attack. The story's main character Commander Sharpe mentions having served on it over ten years prior to the Cylon Attack. (As he was supposed to be on another Battlestar as CAG, Sharpe could have been on tempoary assignment). The Busby was on a mapping mission on the edge of the Prolmar Sector when an unknown vseel jumped in and destroyed the Raptor launched to investigate it. When Busby closed on the vessel, it opened fire and destroyed most of the Vipers and Raptors launched and pounded Busby. The Battlestar managed to jump away, but the result was the breaking of her back and she was decomissoned and scrapped with the crew ordered not to reveal what truly happened. Her port flightpod was intact and was sealed at one end, given engines and a basic CIC and made into a Viper and Raptor carrier. The modified pod was later seen by Sharpe and a Raptor from Dauntless docked at Leonis Shipyard next to an Escortstar.

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