War Diary

Dates: Blacked Out (Considered as ship’s Day 0 to Day 29)

Zone: Scorpia Shipyards (Sector 3)

Summary: Battlestar commissioned, crewed, provisioned, fuelled and had stores taken aboard with trials conducted within the vicinity of Scorpia. Jump 1 to Caprica-Gemenon where shakedown commenced.

Day 0 (Commissioning)

1025 Colonel S. URI, CFR, representing the Admiral, Scorpia Fleet District, placed the battlestar in commission from berthing 11, Fleet Yards, Scorpia, Helios Gamma. Commander W.G. PALLOPIDES, CF, assumed Command. Remained moored through day, dignitaries entertained aboard.

Day 1-25 (Training Command)

Day 1-7 - Took aboard supplies, held drills and prepared battlestar to leave shipyard. Day 8 – Moved from berthing to ‘Yard Annex 5’ and took on tylium, 1457 stopped above same annex and tested fuelling systems aboard. Day 9 – Assigned to berthing 33, took aboard 10 Nuclear devices from Armoury before arriving. Day 10 – Stayed in berthing, took aboard fresh water, consumables. Day 11 to 13 – Moved to ‘Yard Annex 3’ and took on ship ammunition, missiles, mines then made for ‘Yard Firing Range’. Day 14 – Conducted firing tests, structural tests and related DRADIS calibrations at ‘Yard Firing Range’ before returning to berthing 33. Day 15 – Moved to clear orbit above Argentum and conducted timed movements, manoeuvring trials and engine runs. Day 16 to 18 – Conducted underway replenishment drills, landing procedures and airspace management with shuttles and supporting transports in clear orbit above Celeste. Day 18 to 24 – Expanded procedure tests to include Viper and Raptor formations, with planet based units in joint exercise. Day 25 – Departure Inspection by Admiral in charge Training Command Helios Gamma.

Day 26-29 (Jump 1)

Day 26 to 28 – Conducted Jump training with various Officers and Enlisted aboard as Instructors and trainees for such, detail of ship’s Officers sent ashore to Navigation Offices to collect up-to-date star charts and procedures. Day 29 – Cleared movement orders officially received from Helios Gamma, Helios Alpha Theatre Commanders, disembarked training party and took aboard passengers and medium transports, conducted Jump Drills, 2207 executed Jump One to ‘Reversion Point Constellation’ in accordance with Caprica Control directive.

Day 30-35 (Shakedown)

Day 30 – Moved to clear orbit above Delphi and disembarked passengers, medium transports returned; took aboard air wing stores, supplies, spares and general consumables; took aboard Marine Corps contingent. Day 31 to 35 – Took aboard Instructors and apprentices including a detachment War College staff for CiC training, focused in starship formation coordination and airspace management.


W.G. Pallopides

Commander, CF


Crew AccountsEdit

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