War Diary

Dates: Blacked Out (Considered as ship’s Day 30 to Day 92)

Zone: Caprican Space (Sector 1)

Summary: Battlestar completed shakedown program, spent three week at Caprica City waypoint. Rocketed for Picon.

Day 30-37 (Shakedown)

Day 30 – Moved to clear orbit above Delphi and disembarked passengers, medium transports returned; took aboard air wing stores, supplies, spares and general consumables; took aboard Marine Corps contingent. Day 31 to 37 – Took aboard Instructors and apprentices including a detachment War College staff for CiC training, focused in starship formation coordination and airspace management.

Day 37-84 (Shakedown and Availability)

Day 44 – Completed shakedown, displayed brooms from all observation windows, took aboard Air Wing with 280 Vipers, 104 Raptor received, and totalled strength Vipe:280, Rapt:104, Shtl:27, MedT:4. Day 45 to 69 – Under orders Caprica Control in the vicinity of Caprica conducted 30 gunnery, 15 air wing, 14 other exercises including; DRADIS search and tracking, starship tending, emergency protocols, damage control drills, combat landings, timed close to FTL drills. Day 70 – Inspected by Commander S.K. NAGALA, CF, for Caprica Control and as of result for such, with reference to previous observations/reports, was graded ‘Exceptional’ with regards to Personnel, Material, Conduct, Effectiveness and Efficiency. Day 71 – Assigned to and took up station at Caprica City waypoint, beginning availability.

Day 85-92 (Repairs)

Day 85 to 91 – Completed availability, took aboard Caprica City Repair Base staff and equipment for repairs; including repair of 7 flight pod lifts, and colding of forward RCS jets for fixes. Day 92 – Manoeuvring trails under recommendation of Repair Base staff, no problems encountered; took aboard supplies, aviation fuel and parts, consumables and departed 2357 with clearance from Caprica Control for Picon.


W.G. Pallopides

Commander, CF


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