The battlestar Excalibur was one of the original 12 Columbia class battlestars that was built shortly after the beginning of the first cylon war.

IMG 0106

Crew Compliment Edit

The Excalibur was known to have had at least 5,000 crewmembers in total, including officers and command staff, pilots, marines and technicians.

Military Service Edit

The Excalibur served in BSG 76 with the battlestar Daedalus and several other support ships during the first cylon war. She participated in numerous military campaigns over the course of the war until she was destroyed in one of the last major battles of the war.

IMG 0102

The Excalibur and several of her sister ships during a battle.

Armaments Edit

The Excalibur was equipped with:

  • 24 anti ship turrets
  • 514 point defense turrets
  • Multiple nuclear warheads
  • Numerous Viper mark 2 space superiority fighters
  • Numerous Raptor multi purpose vehicles

Propulsion Systems Edit

The Excalibur was equipped with numerous directional thrusters scattered all over the ship, six sublight engine pods located to the rear of the ship, and a fully functional FTL drive.

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