Essentially the central basis and or structure of the Multiverse or endless parallel Alternate Universes connected in someway to the Battlestar Galactica universe (both of its original and "reimagined" series) consists of varing near endless storylines created by the editors and writers here on Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki. The following article acts as both a listing and basic ruleset for creating a new Alternating reality Story/Series.

Laws of the MultiverseEdit

1) all Universes will be named after the main ships (Battlestar) or the name of the story.

2) all stories are different realites as they are not Canon, even if they deal with altering the ending storyline of either the original or TRS series or untold story from either the original or TRS series. If the story is greatly differing from the central/canon however (Commander Adama is a woman, an early ceasefire between the Cylons and Colonial Fleet...etc) It is a differing reality. Also some stories are so differing yet similar they can be construed as what are known as "Quantum realities" or massive changes in the canon timeline that exist as realities on their own. However remember all stories here are fan fiction and are not Canon such as Battlestar Galactica Wiki used only Canon information.

3) Dimension can change (even dramatically), But only according to the permission and will of the realities creator(s). This does not include the name of the Dimension as that would conflict with Laws One. Other editors can add and do constructive cleanup edits to others pages but cannot completely rewrite or erase the creations of others.

4) Some Dimensions, may be very close to Dimension Zero or Dimension One for example Dimension Eleven (Battleground Colonies' Universe), and some dimension are very different for example Dimension Eight (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe).

5) However the Founder of this wiki can says otherwise to all these laws, the word of not only the founder is final but (depending on the situation) also the Quorum of Twelve as well and not open for debate.

Note: TRS and RDM are abbreviation for the new Battlestar Galactica series. RDM have been used in the past but Battlestar Galactica Wiki have started to used TRS instead.

Dimension Zero "D0" (Battlestar Galactica's Universe - TOS)Edit

The Original Battlestar Galactica Series (TOS)

Battlestar Galactica 1980

Dimension One "D1" (Battlestar Galactica's Universe - TNS)Edit

The New Battlestar Galactica Series (TNS) "The Re-Imagined Battlestar Galactica Series (TRS)"

Caprica (Series)

Blood And Chrome (series)

Dimension Two "D2" (Warstar Galactica's Universe)Edit

Main article: WarStar Galactica (TV Series)

WarStar Galactica or WSG universe is an long term alternating post Galactica 1980 timeline

Dimension Three "D3" (Battlestar Chiron/Sword's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Sword (Story D3)

Battlestar Sword

The Twins of BG99

Battlestar Chiron

Dreadnaught Tempest

Death of the Andraste

Dimension Four "D4" (Battlestar Hyperion's Universe)Edit

Main article: Dimension Four (Battlestar Hyperion's Universe)

Battlestar Hyperion Volume 1: The Forgotten

Battlestar Hyperion Volume 2: Decisions and Discoveries

Battlestar Hyperion Volume 3: Redemption

Battlestar Hyperion Volume 4: Stoking The Fire

Battlestar Hyperion Volume 5: Survival Instincts

Dimension Five "D5" (Battlestar Victorious's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Victorious (Series)

Battlestar Victorious Volume 1: Those Left Behind

Battlestar Victorious Volume 2: The Return Home

Battlestar Victorious Volume 3: Honor and Duty

Flight of the Libran

Ride of the Valkyrie

The Devil You Know

Thrill Week

Loss of the Achilles

Ghost Ship

Hermes vs. Victorious

Dimension Six "D6" (Battlestar Hermes's Universe)Edit

Battlestar: Prelude

Battlestar Cerberus: No Business Like It

Battlestar Hermes: Departure

Battlestar Hermes: Faststar

Battlestar Hermes: Memories of Scylla

Battlestar Hermes: Salvage

Battlestar Hermes: Son of Sagittaron

Chronicles of the First Cylon War

The Bounce

Global Defense: Sides of the Same Coin (Caprica Series)

Global Defense: The Truth in Prejudice (Caprica Series)

Dimension Seven "D7" (Battlestar Polaris's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Polaris (Battlestar D7)

Battlestar Polaris

Dimension Eight "D8" (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe)Edit

Main article: Dimension Eight (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe)

Battlestar Leonidas Volume One: A Storm on the Horizon

Battlestar Leonidas Volume Two: Opening Volley

Battlestar Leonidas Volume Three: Times Are Changing

Battlestar Leonidas Volume Four: The Calm before the Storm

Dimension Nine "D9" (Battlestar Pegasus's Universe)Edit

This series was based on a premise that Admiral Helena Cain's MERCURY-class PEGASUS was a brand-new about-to-be-commissioned vessel, and that it's predecessor was an older-type battlestar about to follow the GALACTICA into decommission. The older-type PEGASUS was commanded by a relation of Admiral Cain named Commander Garris Cain (an old friend of Bill Adama) and was approaching his own retirement when the war broke out. Garris' daughter Tricia (call-sign 'Sheba') was visiting him at the time and she found herself flying raptors, then vipers in the PEGASUS' Silver Spar Strike Wing. Garris' mission after the fall of the Colonies was to locate the GALACTICA and her rag-tag fleet so that they could turn and fight the Cylons...

Pegasus Book 01: Survival from Anhilation

Pegasus Book 02: Beyond the Threshold

Pegasus Book 03: The Cylon Gauntlet

Pegasus Book 04: Searching, Surviving, Surmounting

Pegasus Book 05: Rescue and Retribution

Pegasus Book 06: Locating their allies

Pegasus Book 07: Undefeated and Unforsaken

Pegasus Book 08: Continuing the Quest

Pegasus Book 09: Comrades in Arms

Pegasus Book 10: Return to the Fray

Pegasus Book 11: Way Beyond and A New Beginning

Dimension Ten "D10" (Battlestar Acropolis's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Acropolis (Battlestar D10)

Battlestar Acropolis

Battlestar Acropolis Version 2

Dimension Eleven "D11" (Battleground Colonies's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlegound Colonies (Series)

Battleground Colonies

Battleground Colonies: Part 1 Rewrite

Battleground Colonies: Part 2

Battleground Colonies: Part 3

Battleground Colonies: Part 3

Battleground Colonies: Part 4

Battleground Colonies: Part 5

Battleground Colonies: Part 6

Battleground Colonies: Part 7

Battleground Colonies: Part 8

Battleground Colonies: Part 9

Battleground Colonies: Battelstar Orion

Battleground Colonies: Part 10: Political Murder

Battleground Colonies: Part 11: All Hell Breaks Loose

Battleground Colonies: Part 12: Darkness Rises

Battleground Colonies: Delta Seven

Battleground Colonies: Part 13 Echoes from the Past

Battleground Colonies: Part 14 Pandora

Dimension Twelve "D12" (Battlestar Galactica Revisited's Universe - TNS)Edit

Main article: William Adama (D12)

Battlestar Galactica: Miniseries

Season OneEdit

Episode One: 33

Episode Two: Water

Episode Three: Bastille Day

Episode Four: Act of Contrition

Episode Five: You Can't Go Home Again

Dimension Thirteen "D13" (Battlestar Stryker's Universe)Edit

The Stryker Chronicles

Dimension Fourteen "D14" (Battlestar Therion's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Therion (D14)

Battlestar Therion

Dimension Fifteen "D15" (Battlestar Prometheus's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Prometheus (Battlestar D15)

Season OneEdit

Episode One: Operation Outreach

Episode Two: Specter of the Past

Episode Three: Land of the Gods

Episode Four: Wrath of Prometheus

Episode Five: Homefront

Episode Six: Children of the Exiles

Episode Seven: Children of the Exiles Part 2

Episode Eight Hide and Seek

Episode Nine: Desperate Times

Episode Ten: Tears of Angels

Season TwoEdit

Episode One: In the Shadow of Evil

Episode Two: Grave Covenant

Episode Three: The Ones Left Behind

Episode Four: The Rescue

Episode Five: The Hunters

Episode Six: Gamma

Episode Seven: Ghost Ship

Episode Eight: Ghost Ship Part 2

Episode Nine: Atlantia

Episode Ten: Be All My Sins Remembered

Season ThreeEdit

Episode One: Homecoming

Episode Two: Secrets

Episode Three: Wolf in the Fold

Episode Four: Black Wolf

Episode Five: Athena's Tears

Episode Six: Dust and Bones

Episode Seven: "Pandora" (In the Planning Stages)

Dimension Sixteen "D16" (Those Who Stand's Universe)Edit

Main article: Those Who Stand (Story)

BSG: Those Who Stand

Dimension Seventeen "D17" (Rebirth of a Legion's Universe)Edit

Main article: Rebirth of a Legion Series (D17)

Dimension Eighteen "D18"Edit

Dimension Eighteen is also known as Dimension One Eight One. It begins on Day 748 of the Cylon War and is an alternate universe that blends in Battlestar story elements from the new and old series while putting its own twist on things. While firmly set in the new series it is influenced by other sci-fi franchises too.

Also included is the Cylon War histories of the Battlestar Columbia

Dimension Nineteen "D19" (Battlestar Dauntless's Universe)Edit

Main article: Counter Attack (D19)

Dimension Twenty "D20" (Betrayal's Universe)Edit

Main article: Battlestar Galactica: Betrayal

Battlestar Galactica: BetrayalEdit

Volume One: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Women Scorned

Dimension Twenty-One "D21" (The Arrival's Universe)Edit

The Arrival

Dimension Twenty One is a multiverse setting influenced heavily by 'New Cap City' and 'Dieselpunk'. It imagines a Colonial exodus made possible by the Lords of Kobol to Earth. The resulting confusion is only compounded by the arrival of rebellious clankers; the brutal and cunning Cylons.

Dimension Twenty-Two "D22" (The Cold Open's Universe)Edit

The setting of a crossover universe for Battlestar Galactica and Mass Effect (with Earth not yet revealed) that is mostly true to the series but has AU insertions from various other fictions. This work is posted on

Dimension Twenty-Three "D23" (Battlestar Atlantis's Unverse)Edit

Battlestar Galactica: Operation ExodusEdit

Year and Half prior to the fall of twelwe colonies, Expedition lead by newly build Mercury MkIIA battlestar called Atlantis. She and several other ships establish a colony deep in Terminus sector, where unkown but very dangerous enemy awaits. Cylons return after 40 years and destroyed the colonies. But colonial military Command was aware of possiblity that Cylons may one day return, they created a plan. Secret objects like Olympia station are maded and prepared in case of the fall. Fall finaly comes and majority of colonial fleet was destroyed, but not all not even close. Atlantis was not the only survivor. Battlestars Pleiades, Sword, Valkyire, Caprica, Poseidon, Polaris, Victorious and few others, now carrying a big task, to collect all survivors and go back to Avalon, in same time attacking Cylon forces when ever the get the chance.

Season 1:Edit

Chapter 1: Path to Unknown

Chapter 2: Path to Unknown pt 2

Chapter 3: Shadows Of Past

Chapter 4: Avalon

Chapter 5: Sanctuary

Chapter 6: Downfall

Chapter 7: Collateral Damage

Chapter 8: Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 9: Firestorm

Chapter 10:Firestorm pt 2

Chapter 11: Plans In Motion

Chapter 12:Strike At Picon

Season 2:Edit

Chapter 1: Revelations

Chapter 2: The Search Pt 1

Chapter 3: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges Pt 2 (In times of war, the laws falls silent)

Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm

Chapter 5: Second Frontier

Chapter 6: Death Of The Spider

Season 3:Edit

Chapter 1: Arriving to New Home

Chapter 2: Hopes and Fears

Chapter 3: Ouroboros

Chapter 4: The Outcasts

Chapter 5: Exodus from Colonies Pt 1

Chapter 6: Hit and Run Pt 2

Chapter 7: Abandoning the Colonies Pt 3

Season 4:Edit

Chapter 1: Soon

Read full story on:

Dimension Twnety-Four "D24" (A42 Universe)Edit

Dimension Twenty-Five "D25" (Battlestar Galactica Revisited's Universe - TOS)Edit

A revisited of the original battlestar galactica series. Currenting a work in progress.

Dimension Twenty-Six "D26" (WSG-1/Warstar Group One's Universe)Edit

A two phase story that begins with WSG 1: Book I: Fall of the Twelve Colonies about another group of survivors of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies and their struggle to escape the Cylon onslaught. The story continues as a crossover in WSG 1: Book II: Above and Beyond which injects the survivors into the events portrayed in the cancelled Fox series Space: Above and Beyond.

Dimension Twenty-Seven "D27" (The Long War's Universe)Edit

The Long War:Edit

Season 1: Edit

Episode 1: The Fall

Episode 2: Lions and Lambs

Episode 3: The Drums of War

Episode 4: The Ice Planet

Episode 5: Crosshairs

Episode 6: Stand With Me

Episode 7: Ends of the Universe

Episode 8: Salvage

Episode 9: Bread and Water

Episode 10: And Sometimes the Fear

Dimension Twenty-Eight "D28" (Battlestar Phoenix's Universe)Edit

Battlestar Phoenix: Season 1

Season 1 episodes:

EP1: Apocalypse Now Part I

EP2: Apocalypse Now Part II

EP3: Exodus Part I




Battlestar Phoenix: Imperial Flahsback's UniverseEdit

EP1: First Contact

Dimension Twenty-Nine "D29" (Battlestar Poseidon's Universe)Edit

Battlestar Poseidon (Series)

Season 1: Before the Fall

Erpisode 1:The Mission

Episode 2: Old Enemy

Episode 3: New Faces

Episode 4:Peace Talks part 1

Dimension Thirty "D30" (Wayward Family Series)Edit

Main article: Wayward Family Series (D30)

A Battlestar Galactica (RDM) and Macross Crossover series that introduces a bit of the Macross World into Battlestar. Since thanks to the addition of the Macross Universe already makes it different from the origianl, it also becomes an Alternate Universe by the introduce of several new factors including more ships in the Fleet, and some new ships introduced as well.

A Lucky Miracle (v2)Edit

The first story in the series and sees the introduction of a Macross-built Factory Ship to the Colonial Fleet which allows them to get back onto their feet and build the needs ship to keep themselves afloat.

Wayward ArchivesEdit

A series of shorts and snippets expanding the world introduced in the Wayward Family Series.

A New JourneyEdit

The sequel to Lucky Miracle and is currently in the planning stages, since Lucky Miracle is still incomplete.

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