A series under construction by Phoenix4416. This series is an RDM Battlestar Galactica crossed over with Caprica, Blood and Chrome, and the official Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts comics. The story can be found at under the Battlestar Galctica (2003) and Caprica crossover index.

Taking the Battlestar Galactica series back to the very beginning, this story presents a scenario which reveals what could have happened if the Colonial Fleet had a couple of minutes warning given to it by Daniel Graystone that it was going to be attacked. Developing from there, the story reveals how the Colonial Fleet would have tried to fight back against the overwhelming power of the Cylons in their struggle to stay alive.

Adding in new supporting characters and ships in addition to keeping as close to canon as the new scenario allows, this story further adds to the history of the 12 Colonies in relation to what happened to the Graystones, the evolution of the fleet, as well as Battlestar construction methods in addition to many others.

This story further branches into two supporting stories in an expanded universe with; Battlestar Galactica: The Lions of Leonis, focusing on a long term war on the colony of Leonis along with the brief introduction of 3 surviving Battlestars in Pegasus, Arion and Therion which is from the Ghosts comics. Battlestar Galactica: Wolfpack focuses on this second fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Helena Cain as they struggle to not only stay alive but to fight back against the Cylon threat, and includes the addition of Ghost Squadron. Wolfpack further reveals the aftermath of the attack in Colonial space while Lions of Leonis shows the aftermath on the ground.

Keeping as close to physics as the author both understands and is able to due to the need to keep as close to canon as possible and have an interesting story, these three stories are interlinked with overlapping events, meaning what happens in one story affects the other eventually. The author also attempts to include possible strategies and tactics the Colonial Fleet may use including battle formations of the fleet and its fighters.

Currently New Beginnings and Lions of Leonis are on hold until the timelines between all three stories are synched. Note that there are currently minor spelling and grammatical mistakes in the early chapters which are in the process of being fixed.

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