Battlestar Galactica BS-75Edit

The Battlestar Galactica was the last of its kind. Built to be a space superiority carrier for Colonial Defense. It was in non-active service by the time of the Cylon Attack on Earth. The ship after the completion of the Columbia, Atlantia, and Archeron they were dubbed as Jupiter class Battleststars. The first Battlestar fleet took part in Colonial Defense battles.

Early ServiceEdit

During the Cylon War of the 1970'S the Galactica and Columbia took part of Operation Raptor Talon around a unknown ice plant. At the time young Ensign Parensosiky witnessed the complete destruction of the Columbia after it's weapons were offline.

Early HistoryEdit

The Galactica was build in the 1950's and was created for the Earth Defence Fleet,  it would be the first of it's kind to be able to operate in deep space.  The ship was christened The Galactica by her first Commanding officer.  It was considered a honor for a person to christen a Battlestar as they were the most advanced vessels that had ever been created by Humanity within 300,000 years. The ship had to be launched several months early before it had the full weapons and complement and crew complement. It was left without battle armor on the side of the Alligator head. The first XO that served on the ship was Saul Tigh who served next to the legendary commander of the original Galactica. The ship was launched in July 4th 1956 in a emergency when the Cylons emerged from deep space. The Cylon vessel was called of when the entire crew was still engaging Raiders. The Admiral of the fleet at the time gave a speech to the new crew:

""For Eons we have Battled a race we do not understand.  Cast out into the darkness we fled as we watched as our civilization was driven to their knees and forced into hiding.  But now we have something we have never had." Edit