Class/Type: Columbia
Registry Designation: BS-44
Affiliation: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Commissioned: 35 years before the Fall
Current Status: Active
Crew Manifest
Commanding Officer (Captain): Admiral Jason Tillman
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

The Battlestar Hyperion is the main ship in the Battlestar Hyperion Series written by Jim Quigley.

Hyperion (BS 44) is a veteran battlestar and the last Columbia Class built. She is one of the last of her kind still in service with the Colonial Fleet at the time of the destruction of the Twelve Colonies.

History Edit

Her frame or backbone was laid down in the final days of the Cylon War. Construction was postponed for almost seven years while the Twelve Colonies rebuilt their infrastructure. She was completed three years later with a basic computer network that is still part of her systems today. At her last refit over five years ago her viper production facilities were replaced with a crude Tylium refinery in anticipation of her three-year deep space exploratory mission. The battlestar Hyperion during her last maintenance cycle also had her medical center and hanger pods updated.

Military Service Edit

The battlestar having a normally long-term mission are usually assigned five viper squadrons. The deep space exploratory mission was under the command of Commander Martin Quinn. Hyperion’s mission is twice delayed but eventually happens almost two years later. Eighteen Months into its mission Quinn passed away and her XO, Colonel Jason Tillman was given a field promotion by Admiral Hyman Greene and charged with finishing the mission. Hyperion finished her mission four weeks ahead of schedule. Upon her and return to Colonial Space,she was diverted to LEONIS SHIPYARDS & TRAINING CENTER (LSTC) due to overcrowding at her home shipyard over Aerlon. Once docked at LSTC, Admiral Mark Henderson informed Commander Tillman because of the delays in repairs to the Battlestar Orion, Hyperion would be assigned to a two week escort/convoy duty to the Hatari Sector instead of going in for its refit.

Hyperion would escort a colonization convoy to the Hatari Sector. Hyperion and the convoy left LSTC two days prior to the Cylon Attack. Because of this last minute reassingment the Cylons miss the battlestar, when they attack the LSTC. She thirty-five years old at the time of the Cylon attack.

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