Affiliation: Union of the 12 Colonies
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Current Status: Active
Crew Manifest
Commanding Officer (Captain): Bridget Woods
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

Battlestar Kios is the sister ship to the Battlestar Victorious and is an Illustrious class Battlestar. The Battlestar Kios was under the command of Commander Bridget Woods at the time of the Cylon attack.

The Kios is the third Illustrious Class Battlestar and a sister ship to the Victorious. At the time of the Cylon attack it was under the command of Com. Woods. It was sent to the Armistice Station to check on why the Armistice officers was late. After jumps to the Armistice Station it was shut down and boarded by the Cylon, who capture the Battlestar and most of it crew.

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