File:Battlestar Leonidas (Victorious Class).png
The original Leonidas, was one of six expermintal prototype battleship that was conversion into Battlestar early in the Cylon War and before the Columbia Class enter service. The Leonidas was also the only one of the six that surivived the war. It was later become the center ship of The Adventure of the Leonidas (TV Show); which followed the Battlestar during the Cylon War; an a favorite of future Admiral Arthur Wallace. It would later be refitted after the war ending. It lost the need to retracted it flight pods and during the refitting it older engines was remove and replace by newer one. While it armor was improve it hull couldn't restand the weight of being fully cover and so some of it ripping was still could be seen. However improve weapons was added. The Leonidas was decommissioning seven years before the fall, it fourty - five years of service were the most of any battlestar and was only be outdone by the Galactica who service for fifty years before being decommissioning. For two years the Leonidas was left in the reserve fleet as the Admiralty decided what to do with it. Several attempt to raise the money to save the ship fail and it would later be scrapped. However it being scrapped did lead to the Galactica being selection to become a musem ship.

The Adventure of the LeonidasEdit

The Battlestar Leonidas become the center ship of the tv shown The Adventure of the Leonidas; which follow the ship and it crew during the twelve year of the Cylon war. The shown ran for twelve seasons and was cancal eight years before Operation Homecoming/Downfall.


Image is created by XRaiderV1. CanisD added the name, and Allen Knott's modited it by added a top gun turrets.

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