Battlestar Odyssey
Galactica Overview
Class/Type: Mercury
Registry Designation: BSG-24
Affiliation: Colonial Command
Navy: Colonial Fleet
Length: 4720 feet (1438.64m)
Beam: 1762 feet (536.84m
Draft: 602 feet (183.32m)
Current Status: Active
Construction Yard: Scorpion Fleet Yards
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2500
Commanding Officer (Captain): Captain James Mitchell
Executive (1st) Officer: Commander Sarah Mitchell
2nd Officer: Colonel Ethan Mitchell
Drive Systems
Sub-Light Engines: 8 TurboDyne Engines
Main FTL Engines: 1 HyperJump FTL Core
Offensive Systems
Kinetic Projectile Weapons: 34 Primary Kinetic Energy Weapons (30 twin barrel turrets, 4 fixed twin mounts),10 to 20 Point-Defense Kinetic Energy Weapons
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nuclear Warheads
Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems: Electronic Countermeasure Generators
Special Defense Systems: Force/Blast Shields

The Battlestar Odyssey (BSG-24) is the second Mercury-Class Battlestar to be constructed at the Scorpion Fleet Yards in orbit around Caprica, and her current Commanding Officer is Captain James Mitchell. (Battlestar Odyssey)


Laydown KeelEdit

In 2045 the Keel was laid down for the Battlestar Odyssey with the modifications that were from Galactica and Pegasus and some other Battlestars, she was then finally finished a year later and she went on her shakedown cruise and it later went on another mission.

Design OverviewEdit

Tactical systemsEdit

Engine designsEdit

Crew manifestEdit

Senior StaffEdit


Production NotesEdit

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