The Battlestar Orion was the newest class of ship to be built before the start of the second Cylon war. Built by an admiralty who were worried about a Cylon attack, Orion was designed to be able to take on multipul large targets at once. Orion was to be the first of the Pathfinder class battlestar, more had been scheduled to be built after Orion's maiden voyage.
Orion Class Battlestar

Battlestar Orion

During it's first week it met up with its battlegroup, the Gunstars Aries, Cryxus, Onyx and Serenity, the Medstar Compassion and various other military vessels forming Battle Group 131.

Under the command of Commander Heinrick Johannsen the battle group conducted war games in order to get the new crew used to Orion and create a unified crew moral. When the Cylons found Orion they infected it with a virus crippling it. The Gunstars which had formerly been part of the Battlestar Galactica's battle group were uneffected and formed a defensive line around the downed ship destroying the attacking raiders and protecting the it till it was back up and running.

Orion is a daunting sight at twice the size of a mercury class battlestar. Reinforced armour capible of withstanding continuous nuclear blasts and larger batteries of cannons capible of surrounding Orion completely with a flak "shell". It is also equiped with 450 Vipers and 60 Raptors as well as numerous support craft.

Orion is the main ship featured in the Battleground Colonies stories


Image created by CanisD.

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