Kg cg ns pegasus-026
Class/Type: Mercury class

Battleship/Carrier Hybrid

Registry Designation: (BS-65)
Length: 1,790 m
Beam: 797 m
Draft: 354 m
Commissioned: 4 BCH
Launched: 4 BCH
Current Status: Active
Construction Yard: Picon Fleet Shipyards
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2,500 plus 500 Marines
Commanding Officer (Captain):
Kevin Travers - Rank: Commander (at start, Rear Admiral at end of Book I)

Age: 35 (at story start, 39 at time of the Holocaust) CO: Polaris and BSG-65

Executive (1st) Officer:
Marla Howard - Rank: Colonel (at start, Commander at end of Book I)

Age: 28 (at story start, 32 at time of the Holocaust) XO Polaris (at start, CO of Battlestar Alastor at end of Book I)

2nd Officer: Captain Thomas Vale
Commander Areospace Group (CAG): Major Janine Forsythe
Drive Systems
Sub-Light Engines: 8 TurboDyne Sublight Engines
Main FTL Engines: 2 FTL Jump drive systems, primary / aux
Offensive Systems
Missle Systems: 12 nuclear missile silos, 20 anti-ship missile batteries
Kinetic Projectile Weapons: 34 Primary Kinetic Energy Weapons (30 twin barrel turrets, 4 fixed twin mounts)

720 Point-Defense Kinetic Energy Weapons

Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems: Electronic Countermeasure Generators, advanced poly-alloy battle armor
Special Defense Systems: 200 Viper Mk VII, 75 Raptors, 4 shuttles / 3 escorts (Titan Class Gunstars)

Kg cg ns pegasus-025 Kg cg ns pegasus-016

Gunstar Titan

The Battlestar Polaris (BS-65) is a Mercury Class Battlestar. It is the flagship of Battlestar Group 65 and is under the command of Commander Kevin Travers. Polaris is the main setting of Battlestar Polaris (Story) by Adama's Shadow.


The Battlestar Polaris was commissioned four years before the Cylon Holocaust and was sent on an exploratory cruise of the Prolmar and Hatari sectors, returning one week before the Cylons attacked. Upon return to the Cyrannus System, BSG-65 was quietly diverted by Admiral Corman to provide escort and security for the establishment of a top secret off the books facility to develop the next generation of Battlestar. The day of the Cylon Holocaust, Travers took his group along with elements of the secret task force into the Cyrannus system near Caprica, to determine how they could best assist in the fight against the Cylons. When it became apparent the system was lost, the group began search and rescue operations to gather as many civilian and military survivors as possible. Upon receipt of the message from Adama ordering all units to Ragnar, Travers gathered his entire Fleet and jumped to rendezvous with the Galactica. The Fleet fought their way out of the Anchorage, providing cover to allow their civilians and non-combatants to jump away, finally jumping themselves.

As they travel steadily away from their homes, they find other refugee convoys and continue to increase their numbers. Finally, in a stroke of luck they find Kobol. During their initial survey, the Fleet comes under attack and Polaris is boarded. Managing to repel the boarders they find that a Six had loaded a virus into their systems, disabling the ship's engines and defensive systems. When they finally manage to get the ship operational, the Cylons stage a massive attack and seem determined to destroy Polaris. The ship jumps away just as a nuke hits causing a surge in their jump engines leaving them stranded in a deserted system that was once home to a current day tech level society. There, after the discovery of a piece of extremely advanced technology, Travers has an audience with Zeus himself, the leader of the Lords of Kobol.

Polaris then fights a desperate running battle to return to the Fleet. Finally, they are so badly damaged they are unable to jump away when a new contact appears. Serendipity strikes however in this instance, when they find that the new contact is a vessel from the very world they have been searching for... Earth. The two ships make it back to the Colonial Fleet just in time and the Fleet jumps away together, on the way to find Earth. The Cylons however, despite being defeated have not given up their plan to find Earth and destroy the Colonials...

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