Battlestar Poseidon

Battlestar Poseidon-the fourth Exeter class Battlestar

The Battlestar Poseidon is an Exeter class battlestar in Nick Yarka's Battlestar Poseidon Series. It is in operation during the fall of the Colonies. It serves as Admiral Jason Mark's flagship. It is the flagship of BSG-38.


The Poseidon is the fourth Exeter class battlestar, but officially it was never bulit. She was constructed at Babylon station approximately 1 year before the Fall.

Design OverviewEdit

The Exeter class heavy battlestar is one of the argest battlestars created by man. It has 90 NAC 5 railguns and 10 NAC 10 railguns, plus 642 point defense turrets. It carries twenty-six squadrons of Mark VII vipers for a total of 520 vipers, and two squadrons, or 40 vipers, of Mark VIII vipers. She also carries eighty-five Raptors.

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