Prometheus Subclass Battlestar

Battlestar Prometheus

The Battlestar Prometheus is an Prometheus subclass Battlestar.

Battlestar Leonidas's UniverseEdit

The Battlestar Prometheus will appears in Volume Four of Battlestar Leonidas.

CLASS: Prometheus Subclass

CREW COMPLIMENT: 2,124 officers and crewmen.


PROMETHEUS AIR WING:20 squadrons of Viper Mark 7’s (400 Vipers) and 100 Raptors

MARINE COMPLIMENT: The Prometheus carries a compliment of 1000 Colonial Marines under the command of a Marine who reports to the E.O.

JUMP RANGE: 120 Stellar Units (S.U.)

CONSUMABLES: Enough food, fuel and water to last for eight years.

The Prometheus Subclass Battlestar is a new and experimental class of ship. Intended to be an upgrade from the Mercurary class and Nova Class Battlestars are used as fleet command ships. Nominally under the command of a Commander, they also serve as the flag ship for an Admiral. One thrid larger than a Mercury class Battlestar (to which the Pegasus belongs) they were designed to be used as fleet command and control ships while also serving as a one stop assault vehicle, capable of taking on two to four other capital class ships, or assaulting a major ground target, by itself. They are highly automated and carry the latest state of the art defenses against electronic warfare including Electro Magnetic Pulse fields capable of disabling enemy electronics and a V.I., or Virtual Intelligence, computer core capable of adapting to any threat while not violating the laws against artificial intelligence.

The Prometheus Subclass can also manufacture all the replacement parts needed for Raptors, and Vipers as well the frame and outer skin of these ships. This makes her completely self-sufficient in regards to fighter repair and production. They also have advanced food and water reclamation and food growth facilities making it able to be self sufficient for seven years before having to change out it’s supply.


C.I.C. ( Combat Information Center): Control Bridge of the ship. All ships functions are dictated from this area.

S.C.C. (Strategic Command Center): Just aft of the C.I.C., the S.C.C. is where the flag officer can direct large scale combat actions while not interfering in the tactical decisions of the ship commander.

SHIPS HOSPITAL: The Prometheus has a hospital with four wards that is capable of doing anything a normal state of the art hospital could do.


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard and was created by CanisD. It is from Battlestar Prometheus (story).

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