The Serpentia

"Rule number one of warfare, do not frack with a Mercury class battlestar, ever."

-Commander Mirra Gorden's statement after the battle of the shipyard.

The Serpentia is a Mercury Type battlestar under the command of Mirr Gorden. She is one of two known surviving battlestars, and is the largest warship n the Colonial Remnant. She is the only colonial ship to have survived the destruction of the fleet at Virgon.


Length: 1789 meters

Width: 710 meters

Crew: 4000 (Plus 1250 additional civilians)


6 bow mounted 2000 millimeter railguns

24 dual 1500 mm turrets

48 dual 650 mm turrets

100 quad 100 mm point defense turrets

16 Atlatl anti-capitol missile launchers


220 Mark VII Vipers

20 Mark II Vipers

60 Raptors


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