The first Battlestar Stryker is a Orion Class Battlestar. It appears in Wes Imlay's Story Survived of the Battlestar Stryker. The second Stryker was a Stryker Subclass Battlestar, an improve version of the Titan Class Battlestar.

Battlestar Stryker -Orion ClassEdit


Commissioning into service twelve years before the fall. The Stryker is name after Jonas Ingram Stryker and had an onboard museum for the crew to learn about Stryker. An idea thought of by Elizabeth Stryker, wife of Stryker. The Stryker was commissioning the same year at Jonas Ingram Stryker retired.


Seven years before the fall, the Stryker was refiited after the development of the Mercury Class Battlestar.


The Stryker's was going to be decommissioning and then the new Stryker, a Stryker Subclass Battlestar was going to be commissioning however the Cylon attack before that happen and the Stryker manage to escape.

Battlestar Stryker - Stryker SubclassEdit

At the time of the fall, the second Stryker, a Stryker Subclass Battlestar was about to be commissioning. It was destroyed during it commissioning ceremoy. It is the lead ship of it class.


The Orion Class and the Orion Class Refit was created by Conan Parsu.

The Stryker, is a modifted of CanisD's Titan Class Battlestar.

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