Battlestar Sword is one of original ships that was send to colonize Avalon system

When Cylons attacked Colonies, Atlantis, Pleiades and Argona start their journey back home to save as much as possible. Sword remains with gunstars and mobile dock Invictus protecting Avalon.

Sword is member of Atlas class battlestar, direct predcessor to Mercury class and was often called test bed ship for new clases, however  due its large flightpods it was also capable of assault duties, many smaller ships could dock inside of the flightpods.

Except for the Sword there was also Atlas(destroyed), Night Flight(retired but destroyed by Cylons) and Selene(destroyed). Like Columbia class it has to retract its pods before jumping. Sword is very capable ship and very well armed, with capability to rival even the Mercury. Her heavy armor and speed makes her extremly effective ship. But due age of her class(22 years by the time of Cylon attack), it was no longer under production nor planned by Avalon defense fleet, thus Battlestar Sword remains only member of its class.


Image is created by CanisD and modfited by BSG19.

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