The Theracles is a block 2 Nova Class Battlestar. She has the benefit of several upgrades from the construction of her sister ships. New methods of constructing the Armor plating resulted in a stronger alloy giving a 15 percent increase in the strength at the same thickness of the original armor. New KEWS boasting increased range, a new computer targeting system and improved Dradis system rounds out the improvements.

A joint cooperation between President Adar, the Quorum, and the Colonial Fleet resulted in the creation of a secret fleet based around the newest Nova Class battlestar - The Theracles. Their Mission to seek out habitable worlds, establish new colonies and mining bases, find resources of fuel, metals etc and return them to the colonies. The Theracles fleet (the 4th Tactical Expeditionary Fleet) consists of colony ships, tylium tankers, mining ships, freighters, mobile dock, constructstars, 2 Mercury class battlestars, 4 destroyers, a few Columbia 2 Class battlestars and several gunstars (nearly 100 ships in all) .

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