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    Battlestar Therion

    BATTLESTAR THERION( D14) Fourth Colonial Expeditionary Fleet, Colonial fourth Fleet
  • Battlestar Therion (BSG-52) is a Mercury Class Battlestar under the command of Commander Jason Riggs. The Therion was famous throughout the fleet for the destruction of several key SLA bases two years before the fall, that resulted in the capture of Tom Zarek. The Therion was heavily retrofitted and renovated by Admiral Nagala a year before the fall. Coming in 134 meters longer than a standar Mercury she carries a crew of 3,900 at the time of the attack. The Therion also boost larger flight pods and more coaxial heavy gun turrets than a standard merucy class battlestar. Due to the ships massive enhanced DRADIS package the ship requires a seperate energizer for the flight pods, however the primary energizer can power the flight pods at the risk of losing the enhanced DRADIS package.


The Therion carried 260 Vipers and 68 Raptors at the time of the attack. During the attack over 1100 members of the were lost. The flight pods of the battlestar were disbaled during the Ship's combat jump to Virgon, preventing the launch of the vipers and saving the pilots.


During the attack the Therion sustains heavy damage, a piece of the Atlantia destroys the Energizer that powers the flight pod leaving the ship without air support or the gun batteries on the flight pods. The power is later restored using the Auxilary energizer. Colonel Sean Branson, the ships XO, is forced to assume command when Commander Riggs is incapacitated.

(The story is currently on hold due to Hooah134's unit increased patrols and counter-insurgency operations, their taking up alot of my time right now and as a squad leader paperwork is my worst enemy, and IED's)

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