The Blessed Mther as she appears when speaking through a Holoband

The Blessed Mother is a canon character who appears in Battlestar Hermes: Ascension. The Blessed Mother (real name Lacy Rand) is the head of the Monad Church on Gemenon and despite her advanced age and increasing frailty she has remained in power even after the Cylons have wrought their holocaust upon mankind.

A Dieing LeaderEdit

At the time of The Fall the Blessed Mother is already an old woman who is slowly dieing. Nevertheless she continues to lead her people as they fight with their old nemesis the Polytheists as well as the Cylons for survival on the ravaged colony. Because of her frailty she only ever meets with anyone in the virtual world using a Holoband except for a few trusted followers who help her on a day-by-day basis. Whenever she meets with anyone in the virtual world she always uses her image from when she first assumed the position when she was still a teenager.

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