Blue Hawks

Blue Hawks Raptor

During its time in service as a training ship the Battlestar Daedalus maintained a display team comprising three specially marked Raptors. The team was made up of the top pilots of each training course and were authorised to perform formation displays at special events throughout the curriculum. To be chosen for the team was a badge of honour and signalled that the pilot involved had excelled his/herself in the mastery of this sometimes tricky machine.


Twenty three years before 'The Fall' Artimus Bowman lead this display team during his time aboard the Daedalus. The team that year had earned itself an enviable reputation for being one of the best the ship had seen for quite some time and this was thanks largely to Bowman's leadership. Tragedy struck however when the team attempted a dangerous FTL Crossover, something they were not authorsied to do (most of the displays were supposed to be simple formation flying). One of the Raptors involved suffered an FTL malfunction and collided with another Raptor killing one of the pilots. A board of inquiry into the incident found that although they were not authorsied to conduct such a dangerous manouver this was an irrelevent factor in the display and Bowman was cleared of all charges. Nevertheless he never truly forgave himself for what happened.

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