A Navy Buffalo in flight

The Brewster Buffalo was an American fighter, winning out in a competition with the Grumman Wildcat to become the US Navy's first monoplane fighter. It was designed to be carrier based and is quite modern; with a stubby fuselage, mid-set monoplane wings and a host of advanced features. It was all-metal, with flush-riveted, stressed aluminum construction, although control surfaces were still fabric-covered. With a radial engine it still has enough of the look of the previous generation about it too.

But the fighter is light on grunt, its powerplant not quite doing the trick once it's weighed down with radio gear, armour plates and other equipment. Range also being an issue. Armed with six macine guns it can do some damage on a target it acquires. In service with the United State Navy and also exported to other countries, it is being considered second-line with the Navy sending it off to training squadrons and Marine units while considering what plane to replace it. A flight from the Naval Air Station at Penascola intercepted the Colonial Military airship Atlantia when it appeared in the Gulf of Mexico.


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