Caden Charka is a character who appears in the story 'The Ark Royal Saga' as the Commanding Officer of the Illustrious-class battlestar Ark Royal.

Caden Dwayne Charka was born on Aerilon 47 BTF to Kenyon and Tamsen Charka. Kenyon Charka was an officer in the Colonial Army and was stationed at Fort Hercule in Gaoth. He was part of the 45th Armored Division and was a gunner on a T14 Assault Tank. His mother worked in the base commissary at the fort.

After the war was over the Charkas decided to stay on Aerilon and opened up a general goods store in Gaoth. Caden Charka would spend his formative years on the colony. When he graduated from Dames Ferry High School he had been approved to attend either Aquaria Military Academy or the Colonial Fleet Academy. Ultimately he decided to attend Aquaria Military.
Caden Charka

Caden Charka

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